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February 2020

The minutes of the general meeting of West Coast Association held on 29/02/20 at the residence of Mr. Shegun Okunomo at werkzaamheidstraat 7 8400, Oostende

The chairman Mr. Anthony Amachukwu in his opening speech said that this is the second meeting of the year and thanked the Okunomo’s for hosting us and called on pastor Chidi Ezeagu to say the opening prayers at 17:37 pm.

Absenteeism: On that Merrs. Kingon an Figar called the host that they would not be present in the days meeting and the chairman Mr Amachukwu informed the house that he spoke with Mr Daniel Figar on telephone who told him that he will not be coming to the meeting. Mr Daniel Figars record was checked in the register and it was confirmed that he has failed to attend to meetings three consecutive times. The chairman Mr. Amachukwu further said that Merrs. Oyebamji and Olivier will be going to Germany to collect some documents regarding to Mr. Johnny Oliviers wife and that they will come late or may not come at all. Pastor Chidi Ezeagu observed an amendement in the last minutes pertaining to finance that there are some discrepancies and that he sent some comment regarding to that in our website. On that motion of adoption of the last minutes were moved by pastor Ezeagu and seconded by Mr Lucas Onuorah. 

Tax matters: The chairman Mr. Amachukwu told the house that the tax matters has been resolved but we were fined the the sum of 50 euros by the Federale Overheidsdienst after all. He further said that we have to do the changing of officials (new executive) and that the photocopy of their identity cards are needed.

Change of address: The issue generated some comments and we ruled to keep and maintain the current address in Brugge and change the officials while the payment of the sum of 50:00 euros fine shall be done by the chairman emeritus Mr. Kingsley Ihedinobi, he will be given the sum 50:00 euros after the days meeting for the job.

Mr Nelson Orobor/ Mr. Isaac Ehianrunwa’s letters: The duly registered letters written to Mr. Orobor and Mr. Ehianrunwa were read out and the house accepted the letters and we ruled to write a letter of termination of membership to Mr. Nelson Orobor. For failing to be present in the days meeting upon receiving his invitation letter. We agreed to check his financial statues (fines/levies) and deduct same from his baby boom and stating so in the said letter of termination of membership. He will also be told to come and collect the balance sum of the money. 

Investing in housing; On that the chairman Mr. Anthony Amachukwu said we should give the suggestion serious thoughts and that by the next 20 years we are definitely going to run out of steam and retire and we should have some thing to be reaping from that it could also help to motivate the members lagging behind. He further suggested that with the contribution of the sum of 2000 euros each that it is possible for such investment. Mr. Kingsley Ihedinobi suggested we do it in a way that we form another body for the plan to be achievable and we agreed to look into the matter.

Mr. Garains 25th wedding anniversary: On the matter Mr. Garain said he was not able to change the date of the event and Mr Valentine Udeaja spoke on the issue saying we should go and honor the invitation because of Mr. Garains total commitment to the meeting and further said that hence the month of Mays meeting host agreed to shift his hosting to June meeting also because of the event we should consider the invitation. Mr. Lucas Onuorah said we should go for the event but however wants us to caution members for such things not repeating itself in the future (issue of fixing an event during meeting dates). Pastor Chidi Ezeagu said that we attending the event is not so good and according to him 2 members left the association in the past due to matters like this. The vice chairman Mr. Ik Owoh wants us to attend the event. We ruled to cancel the meeting of month of May and attend the event and the monthly dues of may shall also be paid in the month of June.

Mr Jude Daraugo’s wedding invitation: The house told the P.R.Q. to send a message to members regarding the wedding 

General Comment under general Mr. Valentine Udeaja wants the meeting to always encourage (orally) whomever that is committed to meetings.

Mr. Kingsley Ihedinobi talked about the corona virus and wants know what happens if it eventually breaks out.

Mr. Lucas Onuorah wants us by next meeting to know the date of our forthcoming BBQ. The chairman Mr. Amachukwu also wants the house to find a way of congratulating ourselves during birthdays. 

Finance: Under finance, the total sum of 300 euros was realized in the days meeting. It is as follows: Condolence levy: = 180 euros                                                                                                                                         

Monthly dues = 120 euros                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               300 euros 

Expenses: = 84,45 euros

Penalty from govt = 50,00 euros

Registered letters = 14,45 euros

Host drinks = 20,00 euros

Mr. Charlie stood and thanked God for being in our midst for almost 2 years and said the way we treated Mr. Garains matter is very nice and wants us to consider 2 dates wedding and birthdays for the interest of the meetings and members because these are the events that cannot be changed and wants us not to deduct any money from Mr. Orobors baby boom. He further talked about investing collectively in housing that it is a welcomed idea.  In the absence of further topic for discussion motion of Adjournment of the days meeting was moved by Patrick Ezebuiro and seconded by Mr. Lucas Onuorah and closing prayers was by pastor Chidi Ezeagu at 20:16 pm. Refreshments were served.

Vote of thanks was done by the vice chairman Mr. Ik Owoh who thanked and appreciated Mrs. Okunomo for allowing her husband to host us, He further said the food was wonderful and delicious and presented a carton of malt drink to her and she responded by thanking us for coming.