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April 2021

The Online meeting of West Coast Association held on 24/4/21.

The opening prayers was said by Pastor Chidiebere Ezeagu at 16:43 pm, The Chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu thanked those who joined for joining and said that it has been a privilege to be the Chairman of West Coast Association, he further said that we have 2 meeting minutes to adopt today and on that some members said they weren’t able to login in to read the minutes due to password issues. The Vice Chairman Mr Ik Owoh told the members having issues with login to try and call Mr Geodfrey Ohuma to sort it out. The Secretary Mr Udeaja read the minutes of the last meeting and motion of adoption was moved by Pastor Chidiebere Ezeagu and supported by Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi. 

The second minutes being the meeting of 29/2/20 was also read and an Amendment was spotted by Pastor Ezeagu that the name of our guest on that day is Mr Charles Etoluem, then the motion of adoption was moved by Mr Lucas Onuorah and seconded by Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi. 

INVESTING IN HOUSING: The matter was moved to the next meeting. 

MR OROBOR’S BABY BOOM: We ruled to keep it pending. 

BIRTHDAY MESSAGES: The Chairman Mr Amachukwu said that it was the day before yesterday that he received the document duly signed by Messrs Ezeagu, Garain and Owoh and today being the meeting day he was at the Secretary’s residence also for his signature and that it is not an easy task. On that Pastor Ezeagu told him that he is the Chairman and that he must do the ones he has to do and assign to anybody to help out with any work also wants us to be persuading members in joining meetings because some are absent due to work or family issues. 

GENERAL COMMENTS: Under general, the Chairman Mr Amachukwu asked how we can move the meeting forward in this situation because it seems what is holding West Coast Association together is seeing and being in the midst of each other in meetings and that is not the case anymore. 

Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi wants us to be encouraging one another to be joining the online meeting and urged everyone not to do anything contrary to the law and wants us to continue this way and we should remember to be keeping our monthly dues somewhere for easy payments when the time comes. 

Mr Shegun Okunomo wants us to be patient enough with ourselves and that we should be forgiving ourselves for any wrongdoings and urged the Chairman to cool down that everything will be okay. On that motion of adjournment was moved by Mr  Lucas Onuorah and seconded by Mr Joseph Imoke and closing prayers was said by Pastor Chidi Ezeagu at 18:08 pm.

March 2021

The online meeting of West Coast Association held on 27/03/’21

The chairman mr. Anthony Amachukwu greeted everyone and said the purpose of this meeting is to fashion a way forward because we have not held meetings since February 2020 due to coronavirus pandemic. He further informed us that Merrs. Daniel Figah, Godfrey Oghuma and Anthony Obi wouldn’t be joining and called on pastor Chidi Ezeagu to say the opening prayers on 16:48 PM. Shortly after that the chairman said that it is necessary to meet today to inform the house what has been going on behind the scenes since the issue of this pandemic, he further said that some documentations have been going on and for those that were not online last time that we have done the U.b.o. and that the address has been changed to his house address in Oostende because Mr. Kingsley Ihedinobi bought another house and that the cost of changing the address and U.b.o. was paid by him. On the way forward for meetings: Mr. Rowland Kingon said there is need for meetings and pastor Chidi Ezeagu supported him saying we don’t have to wait until things normalizes and wants us to continue this online meetings.

Issue of monthly dues: On that the chairman Emeritus Mr. Kingsley Ihedinobi suggested that we start keeping 10 euro somewhere starting with today’s meeting and said we forget about the months of last year we didn’t hold meetings and begin from January this year (2021). And we ruled to start paying monthly dues from January this year meaning each member will pay the sum of 110 euros this physical year.

The chairman Mr. Amachukwu told us he has been working hard to sort out our bank account because the deadline is next week Monday being 29/03/’21. 

Mr. Patrick Ezebuiro suggests  since we didn’t adopt the last minutes before starting this meeting that our resolutions are null and void, however we ruled to continue with the days meeting and by next meeting we adopt the two minutes at the same time.

General comment : on that Mr. Patrick Oyebamiji said that we all know that the wife of Mr. Johnny Oliver has joined Johnny here in Belgium. On that pastor Chidi Ezeagu said that Mr. Johnny has not informed us officially about the arrival of his wife and the meeting mandated him to appear in the next meeting with his wife. On that motion of adjournment of the meeting was moved by Mr. Patrick Oyebamiji and seconded by Mr. Ik Owoh while closing prayers was said by pastor Chidi Ezeagu at 18:29 PM. A total of 9 members joined namely: Amachukwu Anthony, Ik Owoh, Patrick Oyebamiji, Chidi Ezeagu, Patrick Ezebuiro, Rowland Kingon, Kingsley Ihedinobi, Shegun Okunomo, Valentine Udeaja.