February 2023

The Minutes of the General meeting of West Coast Association vzw held on 25/2/23 at the Residence of Mr Johnny Olivier of Legeweg 82 8200 Brugge.

The chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu told Mr Johnny Olivier that we are happy to be in his house and that it is the first time we are coming to his house and called on Pastor Chidi Ezeagu to say the opening prayers at 16:49 pm.
Absenteeism: Mr Johnny Olivier said no one called to say he will not be coming in the days meeting except Rowland Kingon who took an excuse that he will be coming late.
The Minutes of the previous meeting was read and an amendment was spotted by Mr Godrich that he was contacted by the police and not invited and it was amended and in the absence of further amendments, the motion of the adoption of the last Minutes was moved by Mr Anthony Obi and supported by Mr Joseph Imoke.

Mother’s day Celebration: On the issue Mr Ike Owoh on behalf of the Committee said they had some deliberations and decided to shift the date of Celebration from the 20/5/23 to 27/5/23  because of our far distance members who after coming to the outing will still come to the meeting the next week, he further said that they found a Chinese restaurant where we can go and have a great time from 6 to 11pm and that each member will pay the sum of 50 euros for purchase of bond as a gift for our wives.  Mr Ezebuiro talked about taking them out to Bowling and after eating we play some games with them at the rate of 55 euros per each person. Mr Imoke wants us to go to Chinese restraurant because of lower cost and Mr Oyebamiji also supports going to Chinese restaurant.

Mr Lawrence Onah thanked the committee for their efforts in recognizing the far distance members and said his wife loves Bowling because he normally takes his family outing in Bowling and suggests as time goes on the far distance members would also love to have such thing in their axis.

Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi also thanked the committee and said the issue of Bowling to him is ruled out because there will be too many people and with our wives it will not be good in a place like Bowling and wants us to check out a place in Sint Peters Brugge at 35 euros per person. We however ruled to have a bond of 50 euros to be bought at ICI Paris and the date still remains 20/5/23 and we are going to a Chinese restaurant from 6 to 11pm, the meeting of the month of May which should have been hosted by Mr Godrich will not hold after all due to the Mothering Sunday. We also urged members to inquire the availability of their wives on that day to enable the Committee for the bookings.

Constitution: On that Mr Ezebuiro gave a report that Mr Kingon helped to do the work and it was shown to the house and was appreciated by everyone, the total cost is 37 euros and 2 euros for the initial stage totalling 40 euros and it is 10 booklets. The house applauded Mr Ezebuiro and Kingon for job well done.

New BBQ Venue: Mr Ona suggests we look for another venue and Pastor Ezeagu wants us to continue using the place, Mr Ihedinobi  informed the house that the person that caused the whole problem has been ejected from the house, he further said he talked with the owners of the hall who assured him that such incident would not happen again that they are contented with our compartment and cooperation. We agreed to continue using the place and by next meeting we will start the preparations of this year’s BBQ.

Familiar Insurance: Nothing was discussed about it.


Under general comments Mr Onuoha talked about going on outing with our families eg Plopsaland.

Mr Oghuma informed the house about the Order of Meeting hosting he posted on our website and he was applauded. He also wants to know about the reason behind reading of Minutes in the meetings if we can read it online .

Mr Patrick Garain thanked the house for coming to his surprised birthday celebration last weekend and showed appreciation with a bottle of Glenfiddich and a bottle of Vodka which was handed over to Mr Oyebamiji for keeping.

Mr Daniel Figah thanked the house for their brotherly love shown to him during his surgery and that the procedure was a huge success.
Report was given that Mr Tony Lippens was sick and the house was told to give a call. The Chairman Mr Amachukwu thanked those that attended the suprise birthday of Mr Garain for their physical and moral support and wants us to  continue showing brotherly love, he equally thanked Mr Figah for coming to the days meeting and said he will receive his hospital benefit today.
On that The chairman Mr Amachukwu informed the house that he went to print out our Account statement in the Bank but couldn’t access the Account and that he was referred to a branch in Brugge.
The total sum of 460 euros was realised in the days meeting and it is as follows.
Monthly dues: 460 euros
Mothering Sunday:250 euros

Host wife: 50 euros
Ezebuiro printing; 40 euros
Mr Olivier’s wedding Benefit: 300
Mr Figah’s Hospital benefit: 100 euros.
And balance sum of 20 euros was handed over to the treasurer Mr Garain.
In the absence of further topic for discussions the motion of adjournment of the days meeting was moved by Mr Godfrey Oghuma and seconded by Mr Patrick Oyebamiji and closing prayers was said by Pastor Ezeagu at 19:42 pm and refreshments were served.
Vote of thanks / presentation of marriage benefit was done simultaneously and Mrs Olivier welcomed,thanked and appreciated and  us for coming.