The Minutes of the General Meeting of West Coast Association Vzw held on 24/2/2024 at the Residence of Mr Shegun Okunomo of Werkzaamheidstraat 7, 8400 Oostende.

The Meeting commenced with an opening prayers said by Mr Anthony Obi at 17:20 pm and shortly after that the Chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu thanked Mr Segun Okunomo for welcoming us to his house for the day’s meeting.

Absenteeism: On that reports were given that Mr Johnny Olivier is working, Mr Rowland Kingon will not be coming and while Pastor Chidi Ezeagu will be coming late.

The Motion of the adoption of the last Minutes was moved by Mr Godrich Alethor and supported by Mr Vitus Ononiba.

Submitting of Documents to the Belgium Authorities: On the matter the Chairman Mr Amachukwu said he went with the secretary Mr Valentine Udeaja to the court and submitted the documents and the court accepted it and that everything is in order.

Visit to Mr Patrick Garain: The Chairman Mr Amachukwu said that he went to visit Mr Garain as instructed by the General House with the Secretary Mr Valentine Udeaja and the Chairman Emeritus Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi , the Chairman Mr Amachukwu however asked the Chairman Emeritus Mr Ihedinobi to give a report how we went.
He started by saying that the Garain’s welcomed us and we asked if he received our official registered letter and he said yes and that we explained to him the constitutional aspect of the letter.
Mr Garain in his response said he loves West Coast Association but he is trying his possible best to follow the doctors advice , he was asked if he understood the content of the letter? He said yes and that we should give him a little time to think about it ( the letter).

The Chairman Mr Amachukwu also said that the rate of his recovery is fast and amazing and that his Hospitalisation was given to him as well and that we were entertained.

Account: On that the Chairman Mr Amachukwu promised that the Account will be ready and that today the Account is ready.
The Account statements from year 2019 until 2023 were shared to the house and we ruled that we go home and study it and report any discrepancies and mistakes in the next meeting (s).

Mothering Sunday: We chose 25/5/2024 as the date of our this year’s Mothering Sunday’s outing with our wives, our meeting of that day has been cancelled and moved to the next month being June and the host is the Vice Chairman Mr Ike Owoh.
The mothering Sunday committee members are Ike Owoh, Patrick Ezebuiro, Patrick Oyebamiji and Tony Lippins.
Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi said that the Wives requested for some music and dance or better still rent a hall to make the occasion more appealing and attractive.
Mr Patrick Ezebuiro said we should go home and think about the two options and we ruled to go home and think about it.

Year 2024 Family Barbecue: We also chose 17th of August 2024 as the date of our this year’s Family Barbecue.

The Issue of Paying Monthly dues: The matter was brought up by the Chairman Mr Amachukwu on the modalities of paying our monthly dues to avoid rancour during meetings,
And on that Mr Oghuma suggests we be paying the total amount for the whole year at once or better still half of it. The matter was inconclusive after some deliberations.
However we ruled to always post our financial accounts after every meeting.

General: Under general Mr Godrich Alethor asked if we can allow our wives to join the meeting.

Joseph Imoke informed the house about Mr Vitus Ononiba’s invitation card.
He also told the house about his mother in-law’s wake keep on the 23rd of March 2024 and excused his unavoidable absence in the next month’s meeting as he will be travelling to Nigeria for the burial proper.

The Chairman Mr Amachukwu urged everyone to be present in Mr Vitus Ononiba son’s birthday celebration.
Mr Lawrence Onah wants the house to observe a minute silence in honour of Pastor Ezeagu’s late Sister and it was done by Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi.

Pastor Chidi Ezeagu stood to show appreciation over the calls he received when her sister died that it wasn’t easy for him but the calls and messages kept him going.

Fianace; The total sum of 780 euros was realised in the days meeting and it was as follows.
Monthly dues: 530 euros.
Mothering Sunday; 250 euros

Expenses; Usage KBC business PRO; 61: 50
Registered letter to Mr Garain: 9;05
Printing of Account: 77: 60
Host wife: 50;00
Mr Patrick Garain’s Hospitalisation benefit: 100 : 00.
Total 298:1

The balance sum of 431 euros was handed over to the acting Treasurer Mr Godrich Alethor .

In the absence of further topic for discussions the motion of adjournment of the days meeting was moved by Mr Patrick Oyebamiji and supported by Mr Lucas Onuoha and the closing prayers was said by Pastor Chidi Ezeagu at 20:00 pm and refreshments were served.

Vote of thanks was done by the Vice chairman Mr Ike Owoh who told the Madam of the house that for four years we have not been seeing her and that we miss her , he further said we hope to see her in our next occasions and that on behalf of West Coast Association we thank her for the delicious foods.

In her response she thanked us for the appreciations and asked us to great her sisters back home.