June 2023

The Minutes of the General meeting of West coast Association Vzw held on 24/6/23 at the Residence of Mr Godrich of Orangeriestraat 19 , 8470 Gistel.
The Chairman Mr Amachukwu thanked Mr Godrich for opening his doors to have the days meeting and that we are happy to be here and have been looking forward to the day he will host.
Absenteeism: Mr Vitus Ononiba will not be coming because he has a wedding to attend to and Mr Daniel Figah is working.
On that Motion of adoption of the last Minutes was moved by Mr Anthony Obi and supported by Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi.
We have a guest in our midst  and his name is Sekani from Malawi and a friend of Godfrey Oghuma and he was welcomed.
Report on Mother’s day Celebration: On that the chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu said we have to give a round of applauds to the Committee members for a job well done and they were applauded, concerning the Account of the mothering Sunday outing Mr Patrick Ezebuiro said that the Vice Chairman Mr Ik Owoh is in position to render  the Account.
The Chairman Mr Amachukwu further said that the total sum of 2290.32 euros was spent in the event and Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi thanked the Committee members for a great job done on that day but however said that 2 wives said it’s better to have a  dance next time.
Annual Account: On that Mr Patrick Garain told the house  how the executive went to KBC Bank in Brugge and updated and signed some documents pertaining to our Account because the previous Account would not be assessed prior to that day and Pastor Chidi Ezeagu  said that he has gotten the documents he needed from Mr Garain concerning the Accounts to be done and hopefully by next meeting it shall be ready.
Year 2023 Family Barbecue: Concerning that Mr Ezebuiro said the Committee members had a little conversation over the Bbq that there are some adjustments to be made because of 2 new families and that the money should be increased and further said there will be varieties of foods such as meat Pie, bons, another cooler of rice, spaghetti and that a person will be detailed to monitor the children while the event lasts. We ruled that the Brugge / Oostende members will come and arrange the venue on Friday evening before the D day.
Mr Godrich said he went to the police station and told them his own account of what transpired during our 2022 family Bbq and that until now he has not heard anything from the police.
Increasing of Members: Due to what Godfrey Oghuma said about being careful in accepting more members because of eventuality, we deliberated on the issue and ruled to have 25 members.
Having outing with our kids: On that Mr Anthony Obi suggests we having a picnic with our kids is okay and after many deliberations we differed it to the next meeting.
Committee on Rowland Kingon’s Resignation: A member of the Committee Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi said he called Mr Kingon on phone to fix a date to visit him and they the committee members heard that he Mr Kingon is coming back to the meeting ( West coast Association) and they decided to hold on.
Invitation by the Secretary; On that the chairman Mr Amachukwu urged everyone to be around on that day.
Correspondence: A letter was received from AFP PicRights.com wanting to know if we have the rights of pictures we posted on our website or not, and if not we pay the sum of 310 euros as penalty and we ruled to take the pictures down.
General: under general comment the chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu informed the house that we have visited Mr Patrick Oyebamiji and gave to him his Hospitalisation benefit.
Mr Lucas Onuoha talked about appreciating our members going on pension.
Mr Patrick Oyebamiji thanked the house for paying him a visit when he had operation on his leg.
Finance: The total sum of 1390 euros was realised in the days meeting and it was as follows.

Monthly dues: 340 euros.
Bbq levy: 1000 euros.
Bbq pledge: 50 euros.
Expenses: Mother’s day 2290:30
Mr Oyebamiji’s Hospitalisation benefit:100 euros.
Website yearly renewal fee: Godfrey Oghuma: 120 euros.
Host wife:50 euros.
Balance: 820 euros and was handed over to the chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu in the absence of the treasurer Mr Garain.
The intending Member Mr Sekani thanked the group ( West Coast association) for allowing him to listen to the meeting and said what we are doing is a good thing and wants to join the meeting.
Mr Godfrey Oghuma said that hence we raised the numbers to 25 that Mr Garain has one intending Member, Mr Ononiba has one intending Member that we should register them, he further said that once we reach 25 we should say NO to our friends that wants to join.
In the absence of further topic for discussions motion of adjournment of the days meeting was moved by Mr Lucas Onuoha and seconded by Mr Patrick Oyebamiji and the closing prayers was said by Pastor Ezeagu at 19:19 pm and refreshments were served.
Vote of thanks was done by Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi who said he is Messenger reprensenting the Vice Chairman Mr Ik Owoh who always do the work, he started by thanking the Madam of the house for not being angry even when her drinking cups were broken which means she’s in total support of her husband being a member and that West coast Association is the best organisation in Belgium, he further said that West coast Association is about our families and children and thanked her for the hospitality and equally thanked Mr Godrich by saying he is a worthy host.
In her response she said she is glad we are in her house and that we enjoyed the food and Welcomed us.