March 2023

The Minutes of the General meeting of West coast Association held on 25/3/2023 at the Residence of our able Treasurer Mr Patrick Garain of Hasseltsesteenweg 43, 3720 Kortessem.

The chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu thanked Mr Garain for allowing us in their home and called on Pastor Chidi Ezeagu to say the opening prayers at 17:25pm, shortly after that the chairman Mr Amachukwu appreciated everyone for coming to the days meeting and said he noticed a guest amongst us and the man said his name is Cyril Mbachu that he is a friend of Mr Garain who invited him to come and observe today’s meeting, he was told not comment as the meeting is going on.

Absenteeism: Messrs Anthony Obi and Johnny Olivier were absent because they both tested positive to covid. Patrick Oyebamiji’s son is sick and hospitalized so he’s not coming to the meeting, Anthony Leppins travelled, Shegun Okunomo has problems with his feet and couldn’t walk properly while Daniel Figah is working. On that Motion of adoption of the last Minutes was moved by Mr Lawrence Onah and seconded by Mr Godrich.

Mothers day Celebration: The vice Chairman Mr Ik Owoh said the date still remains 20/5/2023 at a Chinese restaurant in Vesenare but also suggests we go to the one in Brugge which the price is 45 euros per person and Mr Joseph Imoke recommended the one in Oostkamp and the Committee members promised to check out both and report back n the next meeting.

Account: The chairman Mr Amachukwu promised that the Account will surely be ready by the next meeting.

Year 2023 family Bbq: The Bbq venue in Brugge remains the same and the committee members were constituted as follows: Ik Owoh, Patrick Oyebamiji, Patrick Ezebuiro and Rowland Kingon, the house wants the committee to improve more than last year’s and the wife of the chairman Mrs Sabina Amachukwu volunteered to assist in organising the event if women are needed and she was applauded. We also talked about adding more meals like rice and coming early on that day is very important.

We did pledges and it was as follows.

Pastor Ezeagu €100/ 1 carton of Yam.

Amachukwu Anthony €100/ 2 cartons or red wine.

Ik Owoh €100 / 2 cartons of malt drink.

Patrick Garain €100/ his wife will bring along cooked rice.

Rowland Kingon €100/ 10 kilos of rice.

Joseph Imoke €100/ 12 bottles of fanta/ 12 bottles of coke.

Patrick Ezebuiro €100/ 24 bottles of leffe.

Kingsley Ihedinobi €100/ 12 bottles of non alcoholic leffe /12 bottles of alcoholic leffe.

Lucas Onuoha €100/ 1 carton of Cava.

Valentine Udeaja €100 / €50.

Godrich €100 / €50.

Vitus Ononiba €100 / 1 carton of white wine.

Lawrence Onah €100 / €50.

We chose the 2nd week of August being the 12/8/2023 as our Bbq date.
Reading of Minutes in Meetings: On that Mr Godfrey Ohuma asked the reason for Reading the Minutes after writing, comparing and posting on the website and Mr Joseph Imoke said that the matter has been thrashed and settled, after some deliberations it was differed to the next meeting.

General: On general comment Mr Onuoha talked about taking our kids on outing.

Vitus Ononiba wants to know if he can bring his friend to join the Association.

Finance: The total sum of €700 was realised in the days meeting and it was as follows.

Mothering Sunday €400.

Monthly dues €200.

Year 2023 Bbq€100 by Ezeagu.

Expenses €50 for host wife.
Balance €650 and was handed over to the treasurer Mr Garain.

Mr Cyril Mbachu stood, greeted and thanked us for allowing him to listen to our deliberations that what we have done gladens his heart and that Mr Garain has been disturbing him a long time ago to come and join the meeting, he further said he loves the group and sees the people he knows  that by next meeting he hopes to come and register. The Chairman Mr Amachukwu welcomed him and said that “good product sells itself “as an organisation and further said there’s limited room for new members and wants him to think fast.
In the absence of further topic for discussions, the motion of adjournment of the days meeting was moved by Mr Lawrence Onah and seconded by Mr Godrich and closing prayers was said by Pastor Ezeagu at 19:05 pm and refreshments were served.
Vote of thanks was done by the vice chairman Mr Ike Owoh who thanked the Mama of the house and that women are the queen of our homes and appreciated her for hosting us, in her response she thanked us for coming and said it’s a pity that women doesn’t join the group, she further said we danced so good during her husband’s surprised birthday that people began to ask who are those people and singled out the chairman emeritus Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi for his magnificent dance moves and prayed that the Association lives long and welcomed us to her home.