October 2022

The minutes of the general meeting of West Coast Association VZW held on 29/10/22 at the residence of Mr. Rowland Kingon at Steenstraat 28, Aartrijke.

The meeting started with an opening prayer said by Pastor Chidi Ezeagu. The chairman Mr. Anthony Amachukwu welcomed everyone for coming to the meeting and appreciated the presence of Mr. Vitus amongst us. He also thanked the host Mr. Kingon for welcoming us in his house.

On that the motion of adoption of the last minutes was moved by Patrick Oyebamiji and seconded by Lawrence Onah

The chairman Mr. Amachukwu told the house that the executive must be dissolved to form an interim government because today is our election.

Mr. Tony Obi took over as the interim executive and rushed the election. He said it is not easy to run an association.

The current chairman presented to the house if the secretary Mr. Udeaja can resign because of his other commitments and the interim chairman Mr. Obi said he cannot take to himself and decide. He asked the floor if anyone has any objection for the election happening today.

The pro Mr. Imoke said due to the absence of some members (5 people- the election should be postponed to the next meeting. Mr. Oyebamiji supported Mr. Imoke’s view.

Mr. Kingsley Ihedinobi said we should decide if we want to return them so that they should be returned to their posts.

The interim chairman Mr. Obi said without wasting much time we must return the current chairman back to his seat. (Chairman, vice president, assistant secretary, financial secretary, treasurer and Pro) so all the members were returned to their post.

The new chairman took his post and Mr. Geodfrey Ohuma said the current chairman did his job well and the chairman Mr. Amachukwu said he is privileged to be the chairman because of the unity and honour within the group. He also appreciated his team because it always takes two to tangle. They promised to respectfully do their job in the appropriate manner.

Meeting Proper

The vice chairman Mr. Owoh presented the year 2022 BBQ account. Total amount he got = 1,962.5 euro, he said he has all the receipts of items purchased except for the spring castle, hall and that which Mr. Ezebuiro bought. He said he spent 1,883.77 euro to balance 75 euro.

Pastor Chidi Ezeagu was asked those who didn’t pay the BBQ pledge and he said that Mr. Kingsley Ihedinobi didn’t pay, but the house recalled that he paid. We came to a point that mistakes can happen, he insisted that those who paid should appear in the minutes book.

Mr. Owoh and Mr. Ohuma suggested that we should be taking pictures with the host’s wife before we start to eat and drink.

The chairman Mr. Amachukwu asked if any object to admitting Mr. Vitus Ononiba as a member of West Coast Association and Mr. Ohuma said the question is wrong and said we should welcome him.

The question of Patron came up and Mr. Onah questioned the subject and Mr. Geodfrey Ohuma rejected the concept. Pastor Chidi Ezeagu said there is no need and Rowland Kingon didn’t find it normal to dot that. The vice chairman Mr. Ik Owoh supported Mr. Kingon’s idea for not going the Patrons way.

Mr. Ihedinobi relocated that the issue of him bringing the matter is not him to become but regards everyone’s idea and he supported.

Mr. Obi accepted and said he is happy not to be a part of it and not willing to partake.

Mr. Onah suggest about when a member’s child gets married or baby boom.

Chairman came up to complain making this not to be a personal issue of what we eat and drink. That when we go to a member’s house let’s not take a drink home by member.

Pastor Chidi Ezeagu said we should avoid competition or challenge during hosting.

The vice chairman Ik Owoh said the last member took the hosting personally.

The former chairman requested the topic not taking food to put on hold.

General: Mr. Ezebuiro to print new constitution.
Mr. Pro to cross check his message before posting.

Finance: Total income 220 euros.
Monthly dues = 120 euros
New membership = 100 euros

Expenses = 50 euros (host wife)