The general meeting for the month of September 24, 2022, was hosted by Mr. Valentine Udeaja at his residence Steensedijk 149, 8400 Oostende, Belgium, with opening prayer conducted by Mr. Obi Emmanuel. Chairmans opening remark Chairman Mr. Amachukwu Anthony thanks Mr. Valentine Udeaja and his family for opening their door for our noble association, he then glans through the absentee and late comers. Absentee was Mr. Daniel Figah family engagement as his reason for absent, while Mr. Rowland Kingon speaks of coming late and Pastor Chidi Ezeagu. Adoption of last minute Mr. Kingsley Ihedinobi move for adoption and was supported by Mr. Ezebuiro Patrick, after the chairman speaks of visitors among us which he gave them the stand to introduce themselves. Mr. Ononiba visited us from Antwerp, and Mr. Jude Daraugo from Ostend both came for observations, after which our noble Chairman and the house welcomed them to our midst, after which our noble chairman explained the rule guidelines as observer. Matters arising Our chairman, Mr. Amachukwu Anthony uses the platform to speak concerning our fourth coming election, October 2022, responding to this was Mr. Obi Emmanuel, who said that according to our constitution the ruling period is 3 years, but for this regimen what of the period lost for covid 19, a year plus, he then asked how we rectify this period, contributing to this were, Mr. Godfrey, Mr. Patrick Ezebuiro and Mr. Lucas Church who said we have to follow our constitution. Our chairman also used the platform to speak concerning our just concluded family annual BBQ 2023, responding to this were Mr. Ona Lawrence and Mr. Kingsley Ihedinobi said it was a success, apart from the neighbor that caused problems which made the police come. The chairman also spoke about the venue if we must look for another place and pastor Chidi Ezeagu said we must continue with the place because we are with too many for one family to host in their garden. While Mr. Valentine Udeaja suggested we suspend the matter till subsequent meetings. The chairman Mr. Amachukwu said that the only negative aspect about the BBQ is that the committee did not source the fish, he also called on pastor Chidi Ezeagu to check if all the BBQ pledges were fully fulfilled and he said the report will be ready in the next meeting. The chairman Mr. Amachukwu told the 2022 family BBQ committee to give the account and the committee chairman Mr. Ik Owoh promised that it shall be ready in the next meeting. The chairman also talked about the problem with the neighbors during the BBQ involving Mr. Godrich. Mr. Godrich said the matter is still under investigation. General Mr. Kingsley Ihedinobi wants us to have patrons. Mr. Patrick Ezebuiro thanked all the members for the show of love giving to him during his sick period. Mr. Ik Owoh talked about having pictures with our host wife for remembrance. Mr. Lawrence Onah suggested baby boom to marriage boom Finance: The total sum of 420 euros Expenditure: 100 euros = hospitalization of Mr. Ezebuiro
                             50 euros host wife Observes remarks: Mr. Ononiba Vitus praised our association that we are able man, men of timber and caliber that he is impressed the way we handle matters maturely and he made his intention of joining the association known. Mr. Jude Daraugo said the same and gave a bottle of Jack Daniel to the association, but his intention was not known.