The Minutes of the General Meeting of West Coast Association Vzw held on 27/4/2024 at the Residence of Mr Lucas Onuoha of Noord-Edestraat 23, 8400, Oostende.

The Chairman Mr Amachukwu thanked everyone for coming and especially Messrs Lawrence Onah and Vitus Ononiba for being among those that came early and he equally thanked the Onuoha’s for opening their doors for us to have the day’s meeting.
The opening prayers was said by Pastor Chidi Ezeagu at 16: 48 pm.

Absenteeism: Messrs Johnny Olivier and Daniel Figah are working while Tony Obi and Kingsley Ihedinobi will be coming late because of Mr Obi’s son is playing football.

The motion of adoption of the last Minutes was moved by Mr Godrich Alethor and supported by Mr Vitus Ononiba.

Mother’s day Celebration: On the matter the Vice Chairman Mr Ike Owoh said the event is coming up in less than a month from now to celebrate our wives and said the Committee members met with one of the Chinese restaurants in Vesenare and that the place is bigger than the former ones, he said they ate there and got the informations they needed.

Mr Patrick Oyebamiji said he spoke with the owner of the place that 7 euros and additional 38 euros totalling 45 euros is per person including alcohol but without whisky drinks. We ruled to go for 45 euros per person and half of the bills will be paid from the Association’s purse.

About gifts to be given to our wives the Chairman Mr Amachukwu suggested we look for another Bond from other shops like Inno shop and not always ICI Paris.
We decided to have bonds from Inno shop this year for our wive’s gifts, however About five members will be given ICI Paris bonds because of unavailability of Inno shops in their localities.

Year 2024 family Bbq: Some freewill donations were made towards the event and it was as follows.

Ike Owoh = 3 cartons of malt drink ( 72 bottles)

Shegun Okunomo will fry enough Tilapia .

Amachukwu Anthony = 2 cartons of red wine (12 bottles)

Lawrence Onah = 6 bottles of red wine and 1 bag of charcoal.

Patrick Ezebuiro =1 carton of Leffe of 24 bottles.

Joseph Imoke = 24 bottles of fanta and 24 bottles of coke.

Pastor Chidi Ezeagu = 1 carton of Yam.

Godfrey Oghuma = 4 bottles of Singleton.

Lucas Onuoha = 3 cartons of coke and fanta of 24 bottles each ( 72 bottles)

Godrich Alethor = 1 carton of non alcoholic wine.

Tony Lippins = 2 cartons of Guinness.

Sekani Mbewe = 1 carton of maize and 1 parket of water.

Taking something home during the Bbq Events.: On that we ruled that henceforth if someone is being suspected of taking something home the person will be searched and the mechanism to stop this act is by appointing 2 people to oversee our things and they are Mr Anthony Obi and Mr Godfrey Oghuma.

We also ruled that whenever we are going for games during the event organised by our wives the roasting of meats will be suspended until after the games.
Our initial ruling of 250 euros as fine for defaulters still stands.

General: Ike Owoh talked about turning up enmasse to Events organised by our wives.

Pastor Chidi Ezeagu wants the PRO to always send reminders to such events.

Valentine Udeaja talked about maintaining silence when someone is airing his views and also during finances.

Joseph Imoke thanked us for coming to his mother in law’s wake keep and also for the financial support.

Mr Godrich Alethor said paying money into the Association’s Accounts is difficult and he was told to collect and handover to the chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu to pay it into the Association bank Account on his behalf.

Finance: The total sum of 1160 euros was realised in the days meeting and it was as follows.
Monthly dues = 110 euros.
Mothering Sunday and Bbq levies = 1050 euros.

Expenses = 50 euros for host wife. While the balance sum of 1110 euros was handed over to the acting Treasurer Mr Godrich Alethor.

In the absence of further topic for discussions the motion of adjournment of the days meeting was moved by Mr Godrich Alethor and supported by Mr Godfrey Oghuma and closing prayers was said by Pastor Chidi Ezeagu at 19 : 46 pm and refreshments were served.

Vote of thanks was done by the Vice chairman Mr Ike Owoh who said when he came to the meeting he got distracted by what was set on the table and that he didn’t eat before coming so he had to enjoy himself, he further said that our wives are very important and thanked the Madam of the house for making our day.

In her response, she said she wants to thank everyone for coming to their house that we are group of friends she loves and always happy to host us and welcomed us to her house.

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  1. I do note that some issues from the previous meeting were not brought up. Example is the availability of our By-laws !!

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