The Minutes of the General Meeting of West Coast Association Vzw held on 27/1/2024 at the Residence of Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi of Kasteldref 21 8000 Brugge.

The Chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu welcomed the There to the new year 2024 and thanked the Ihedinobi’s for allowing us to be in their house for the day’s meeting and called on Mr Anthony Obi to say the opening prayers at 16:40 pm.

Shortly after that the Chairman Mr Amachukwu in his opening remarks thanked God for bringing all our members into the new year and said that Mr Patrick Garain has been sick and thanked God for his life because it could have been worse .

Absenteeism: Messrs Tony Lippins and Sekani Mbewe will be absent from the days meeting, Mr Godfrey Oghuma has family issues to attend to and while Mr Daniel Figah travelled to Togo.

Adoption of the last Minutes: On that Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi spotted an Amendment saying that the money collected in the previous meeting was not properly stated and accounted for in the Minutes and it hereby amended as follows:
(A) Money realised 350 euros
Monthly dues 270 euros
Baby boom 80 euros

Expenses 72 euros for Accountants.
50 euros for Host wife.
50 euros for Johnny Olivier’s hall cleaning.
Garain’s burial rites. 300 euros
Figah’s burial rites 300 euros.
Total expenses 772
Money realised 350
Balance 442 to be taken from the bank.

In the absence of further amendments the motion of adoption of the last Minutes was moved by Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi and seconded by Mr Johnny Olivier.

Perfecting of our Vzw documents with the Belgium Authorities; On that matter the Chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu said the people we depended upon disappointed us after gathering all the required documents because of simple mistakes of signing behind on a particular paper instead of signing it on the inside, he further said he had to go to the court in Oostende with Mr Patrick Ezebuiro to seek for solutions but to no avail because Mr Patrick Garain was in the hospital bed and Pastor Chidi Ezeagu travelled to Nigeria and so getting all the signatories to sign was very difficult although he has paid the approved fee.

A letter of Resignation was received from Mr Patrick Garain informing the meeting his desire to resign from West Coast Association Vzw due to health issues because the healthy said that in time he will heal completely, they also said that on short notice he is advised not to drive long distances for at least three to five months on mid term to avoid a new brain bleeding and that he should avoid strees..

On that Mr Ezebuiro said that this is an exceptional that’s and that his welfare is paramount to us and that if it is six months, he can be off and when he is okay he can join us back.
Mr Anthony Obi suggests we pause his membership for a while to give him time to recover and come back.

Mr Joseph Imoke said he spoke with him for almost 30 minutes and he fears the reaction of Westcoast on his letter because he still wants to remain a member of West Coast Association Vzw .

Mr Lawrence Onah said that West Coast Association is Congratulations wonderful and considerate, that since we have done it for one person, we could still do it for another person and that he should whenever he comes back he wherever be welcomed.

Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi said this is the time to let him know that we’re with him and he is free to take time to recover fully and suggests that those to go and pay him visit should let him know that his levies, benefits and entitlements will be intact.

The Vice Chairman Mr Ike Owoh supported Mr Ihedinobi’s comments by making sure he pays his dues during his absences from meetings.

Mr Patrick Ezebuiro said we should reply his letter telling him we’re concerned about his well-being.

Finance; The Chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu told the house that due to the health issues of Mr Garain and Mr Ik Owoh also travelled the Account was not ready and that by next month it will be ready, on that Mr Patrick Ezebuiro said the Account should be from 2022 upwards and the Chairman Mr Amachukwu said it will be from 2017 upwards.

Mr Godrich Alethor was unopposed chosen as the acting Treasurer of West Coast Association Vzw in the absence of the treasurer Mr Garain who is recovering from illness.

Starting Meetings on Time: On the matter we ruled that as soon as the quorum is formed we shall start meetings.

Mothering Sunday/ Increasing our levies: On that Mr Lucas Onuoha suggests we increase our levies to 50 euros payable once a year including the 10 euros meant for monthly dues as a way of generating revenues. After many deliberations we ruled to pay the sum of 200 euros yearly for Mothering Sunday’s outing and Family Barbecue.
We agreed to split and be paying the money 30 euros installmentally but can also be paid at once.

Mr Rowland Kingon was mandated to bring along his Letter of withdrawal to his Resignation letter in the next meeting.

General Comment: Mr Lucas Onuoha wants the meeting co-hosted.

Mr Anthony Obi asked how many years is our children required to be a member of West Coast Association and it was answered as from 18 years old.

Mr Lawrence Onah wants us to be congratulating ourselves on our birthdays on WhatsApp group .

Rowland Kingon informed the house that her daughter’s first holy communion is in the month of May.

Mr Vitus Ononiba stood and informed the house that his son’s 18th year birthday celebration is coming up on the 2nd of March 2024 at Feestzaal Rozenkrans Heistraat 390 2610 Wilrijk and that he is inviting the house with our families, the invitation was accompanied with a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey and it was handed over to the chairman Mr Amachukwu for keeps.

Finance: The total sum of 530 euros was realised in the days meeting and it was as follows
Monthly dues 370 euros
Annual levy 160 euros

Printing of papers 35 euros
Payment for Johnny Olivier’s lawyer 248 euros
Staatblad 157,42 euros
Host wife 50 euros

530 – 490 =40
Balance sum of 40 euros was handed over to the new acting Treasurer Mr Godrich Alethor.

Mr Johnny Olivier brought to the house a receipt of payment from Advocaten Kantoor
De Keukelaere Pierre
Being the amount he spent over his son’s case during our year 2022 family Barbecue totalling the sum of 248, 05 euros and he was dully refunded.

The Chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu told the house to attend enmasse the 18th birthday celebration of Mr Vitus Ononiba’s son.

In the absence of further topic for discussions the motion of adjournment of the days meeting was moved by Mr Lawrence Onah and seconded by Mr Anthony Obi while closing prayers was said by Pastor Chidi Ezeagu at 19:48 pm .
Refreshments were served.

Vote of thanks was done by the Vice chairman Mr Ike Owoh who said when he entered the meeting he greeted everyone and went and hug the madam 3 times and that she’s a lady other women needs to emulate, he further said she is the former first lady of this Association.

In her response she said West Coast Association is a beautiful place to be and where people wants to belong and that after seventeen years the Association is still waxing stronger and stronger, she further said that when the men are happy the home is peaceful and that she’s happy to host us and appreciated our token.

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