November 2023

The Minutes of the General Meeting of West Coast Association Vzw held on 25/11/2023 at the Residence of Mr Anthony Obi of Cornelis Everaatstraat 6, 8000 Brugge.

The Chairman Mr Amachukwu in his opening remarks said today is the last meeting of the year and that he is happy to see everyone around and called on Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi to lead us in the opening prayers at 16:33 pm.

Shortly after that he thanked Mr Obi for allowing us in his house to have the days meeting. He further said that the past two months hasn’t been easy for us because we lost two of our mothers and Father. ( the mother of Patrick Garain.(2) the mother of his wife ( mother in-law).
(3) Pa Figah, the father of Daniel Figah and a minute of silence was observed in their honour and was performed by Mr Patrick Ezebuiro.

Mr Shegun Okunomo travelled to Nigeria while Messrs Kingon, Ona and Ononiba will be coming late to the meeting.
Motion of the adoption of the last Minutes was moved by Mr Godfrey Ohuma and supported by Mr Johnny Olivier.

Updating our Constitution with the Belgium Authorities.
On that the chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu said he took it upon himself and contacted an Agency who told him it is true that the Constitution will be updated and charged him the sum of 275 euros, he further said he got in touch with FMDO while the Vice Chairman Mr Ik Owoh contacted FZO and that he has an appointment with the FMDO on the 30th of November 2023. We concluded to go ahead with the two Agencies to know which one will deliver the services but if they fail we pay the amount of 275 euros originally billed by the first Agency contacted.

Annual Account:
The Chairman Mr Amachukwu said that due to the tight schedule the Account is not ready and that it will be done during the holidays and Mr Ezebuiro said it has taken a long time that the house must buckle up and Mr Ohuma supported him by saying it will amount to negligence of duty and it was agreed it will be ready by January 2024 meeting.

Our Children’s Marriage benefits.
On that Messrs Ezebuiro and Ihedinobi said it is a welcomed idea that it is a good thing to do, we put it into voting and we all agreed to have it in our Constitution.

Mr Godrich Alethor said it is necessary we have insurance and after many deliberations we appointed Garain to look into the matter for us.

We also agreed that henceforth any condolence visitations over the death of Members parent (s) / wife’s parent (s) must be accompanied with a bottle of whisky and a card not more than the sum of 35 euros.

Year 2023 Bbq:
Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi directed a question to the Vice Chairman that if there’s anyone seen hiding meats and drinks during Bbq’s , how can we ascertain if the allegations are true since the searching of bags is not allowed, Mr Ik Owoh said we have to adhere to our ruling However some deliberations were made and Mr Obi and High Chief Ezeagu suggested having committees to be in charge of searching of things. The executive promised to look into the matter.

On Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi wife’s salad bowls lost during the Bbq : The Chairman Emeritus Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi told the house to forget about the 3 bowls and wants us to be careful.

The Chairman Mr Amachukwu informed the house that he took excuse from work and went with the secretary Mr Valentine Udeaja and Valentine’s wife to the burial of late Ma Garain and gave to him ( Patrick Garain) his rites. He further said that Mr & Mrs Garain entertained us in their home.

Mr Daniel Figah thanked the house for the telephone calls and solidarity shown to him during the death of his father.

Mr Patrick Garain also thanked the house for the support and gesture shown to him during his mother’s death.

The Vice Chairman Mr Ike Owoh thanked Mr Johnny Olivier and his wife for cleaning the hall after the Bbq and he was appreciated and applauded, he further appealed for the sum of 50 euros to be given to him and it was approved.

Mr Anthony Obi talked about the money spent by Mr Johnny Olivier on his son’s case with the police be refunded to him.

Mr Godrich Alethor talked about not starting meetings on time even when quorum was formed.

The Chairman Mr Amachukwu showed to the house the reciept of our tax payment and it was handed over to the financial secretary.
He also informed the meeting that the burial rites of Mr Daniel Figah has just been paid to him in the days meeting and Mr Figah thanked the house for the kind gesture.

The total sum of 350 euros was realised in the days meeting and it was as follows.
Monthly dues: 270 euros
Baby boom: 80 euros.
Expenses: 72 euros for Accountants.
50 euros for Host wife.
50 euros for Johnny Olivier’ s hall cleaning.
Garain’s burial rites: 300 euros.
Figah’s burial rites: 300 euros.
NB. 372 euros will come from the bank.

In the absence of further topic for discussions the motion of adjournment of the days meeting was moved by Mr Godfrey Oghuma and supported by Mr Daniel Figah and closing prayers was said by High Chief Chidi Ezeagu at 18:23 pm and refreshments were served.
Vote of thanks was done by the Vice chairman Mr Ike Owoh who started by saying we are here in our Chairman’s house for the end year meeting / party, that we have been eating, drinking and dancing and that High Chief Chidi Ezeagu said that West Coast Association is in another level that West coast leads! others follow !!, he further thanked Mrs Obi for hosting us with sweet meals that she is not new in the system.

In her response, she said she is an old customer and always happy whenever we are coming around and that she is happy to host us.

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