October 2023

The Minutes of the General Meeting of West Coast Association Vzw held on 28/10/2023 at the Residence of Mr Vitus Ononiba of Statiestraat 128, 2070, Zwijndrecht.
The Chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu welcomed the members to the meeting of October and thanked Mr Vitus Ononiba of the opportunity for us to be in his place and that we have been expecting on a day like this and called on Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi to lead us in the opening prayers at 16:30 pm
Absenteeism: Mr Shegun Okunomo and Daniel Figar are working, Mr Patrick Garain posted on our WhatsApp group that he has an engagement to attend to, while High Chief Chidi Ezeagu and Vice Chairman Ik Owoh will be coming late.
Adoption of the last Minutes: An Amendment was spotted in the last Minutes by the Chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu that the sum of 2290 euros was money meant for mothering Sunday’s expenses and not for our family Bbq and it’s hereby duly Amended.
In the absence of further amendments, the motion of adoption of the last Minutes was moved by Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi and seconded by Mr Anthony Obi.
The Chairman Mr Amachukwu stood and introduced his friend Mr Sunny Ezenta who came for a business trip from Nigeria and he was welcomed, he further informed the house that Mr Rowland Kingon whom after tendering his letter of resignation in April is in the days meeting and he was given the opportunity to air his views.
Mr Kingon stood, greeted the house and said he is overwhelmed to be amongst us and informed us that a Cameroonian is fighting tonight in a Kickboxing competition and urged us watch the contest.
He further said that his Resignation letter was not properly understood and one or two members reached out to him on the matter and although the letter was so sudden and without prior notice he has no problem with any member nor with the Association because he knows the do’s and don’ts of the Association.
He also said he is now into Politics as well as business and doesn’t want to be missing meetings and that he really appreciates the love and care shown to him and finally said it is left for the house to decide if he can be permitted not being available in some meetings.
In response to that Mr Godfrey Oghuma asked him if he read our Constitution very well because it stipulates that failure to attend three consecutive meetings with cogent reason is allowed and hence he Mr Kingon has cogent reason and the Association wants him to stay.
Messrs Anthony Obi and Valentine Udeaja supported Mr Oghuma’s comment.
We ruled that he withdraw his letter of resignation in writing and start attending meetings and where he could not, should give a cogent reasons.
Account of Mothering Sunday’s outing: The Vice Chairman Mr Ike Owoh gave the Account as follows.
Total amount spent 2290,32.
Money contributed for gifts:50 euros × 17 members
850 euros.
63,32 for flowers.
Foods/drinks 1377.
Account of 2023 Family Barbecue: On that he equally thanked the Committee members headed by him for a job well done and also acknowledged the wonderful efforts put in by Messrs Anthony Obi and Kingsley Ihedinobi .
Total amount spent:2158,28
Expenses as follows:

  • Hall, 110 euros.
  • Spring castle, 120 euros
  • Food / drinks, 1652 euros.
  • Gifts for competition, cups, plates etc, 275 euros.

Annual Account:
The chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu said since he assumed office there is no Account tendered because just after two meetings Covid 19 crisis stepped in and it became difficult to access the Accounts of year 2017 and 2018 with the bank. The house told the executive to take their time to perfect everything concerning the Accounts.
Aftermath of year 2023 family Barbecue: The Chairman Mr Amachukwu raised concerns over what transpired during the event and some deliberations were made and we ruled that henceforth we should desist from such actions as a fine of 250 euros shall be paid by any defaulter and also before a member could take a bottle / can drink(s) of any sort home, he must get the approval of the Committee chairman.
We also talked about members bringing alongside non member’s children to the Barbecue that we should desist from such because of the risky aspect of it incase of unforseen circumstances / emergencies during the course of the event.
The chairman Emeritus Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi also informed the house that his wife could not find three of her salad bowels used during the event .
General Comment:

  • Mr Godrich Alethor talked about Insurance.
  • Mr Anthony Obi talked about updating our Constitution with the Belgium Authorities on or before 31st December 2023.
  • Mr Lawrence Ona wants us to include marriage boom in our Constitution and would also love to see our children getting married amongst themselves.
  • Mr Godfrey Oghuma informed the house they were sent to visit Daniel Figah over his father’s death empty handed but they however brought along a bottle of Porto drink.
  • Mr Valentine Udeaja wants us not take what was discussed over the just concluded Barbecue personal.
  • Mr Kingon informed the house that he is into foodstuffs business and can be delivered at home at cheap rates.
  1. Finance:
    The total sum of 700 euros was realised in the days meeting and it was as follows:
  2. Monthly dues: 300 euros.
  3. Baby boom: 300 euros
    Special Bbq levy ( R Kingon) 100 euros
  4. Expenses: Host wife, 50 euros
  5. Bbq, 158 euros
  6. Ball sum of 492 euros was handed over to the chairman Mr Amachukwu in the absence of the treasurer.

In the absence of further topic for discussions, the motion of adjournment of the days meeting was moved by Mr Anthony Obi and supported by Mr Lawrence Ona and closing prayers was said by High Chief Chidi Ezeagu at 19:54pm. Refreshments were served.

Vote of thanks was as usual performed by the vice chairman Mr Ike Owoh who began by saying we are here again in one of our houses and thanked the Mama of the house for her nice delicacies and for allowing her husband to host us,
In her response she thanked us for coming to her house and that she is satisfied that her husband is happy to belong to West Coast Association and welcomed us.

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