September 2023

The Minutes of the General meeting of West Coast Association Vzw held on 30/9/2023 at the Residence of Mr Tony Lippens. Het Veen 45, 8790 Waregem.

The Chairman Mr Anthony Amachukwu welcomed the members to the days meeting after the family Bbq and thanked Mr Lippens for welcoming us to his house, he further said that since Tony Lippens joined us we have been looking forward to his hosting and called on Pastor Chidi Ezeagu to say the opening prayers at 17:47 pm.

Absenteeism: Mr Johnny Olivier travelled on holidays, Shegun Okunomo has a work to finish before travelling to Nigeria, Daniel Figah lost his father, Patrick Ezebuiro and Lucas Onuoha are committed to Rev Nwaekwe’s ceremony today .

An Amendment was spotted in the Minutes of the last meeting by Mr Godrich Alethor that Account balance of 840 euros was not correct and after many deliberations we found out that the discrepancies of 290 euros was added to the 2000 euros meant for the years family Bbq totally 2290 euros.
In the absence of further amendments, the motion of adoption of the last Minutes was moved by Mr Anthony Obi and supported by Mr Godrich Alethor.
New Membership: The Chairman informed the house that Mr Sekani Mbewe is present in the days meeting to become a member and he was told to go and register which he did.

Account: On the issue, the Chairman said that the Account is not ready due to some discrepancies from the previous year’s accounts and the Financial Secretary Pastor Chidi Ezeagu also explained more reasons, however the executive said they shall have a meeting to sort things out.

Rowland Kingon’s Resignation: On that the vice Chairman Mr Ike Owoh said he spoke with Rowland Kingon on the phone and he promised to be in the next meeting and a voice message he sent to Mr Owoh was played in the meeting, according to the voice message he said he will not be in the days meeting because he is not in Belgium but promised to be present in the next meeting. We ruled to give him until next meeting and if he fails to come we will reply his letter.

Year 2023 Family Barbecue. The Chairman Mr Amachukwu thanked the Committee members for a job well done and they were applauded. We however differed the deliberations on the matter to next meeting.

General Comment: Mr Valentine Udeaja thanked West Coast Association for coming to his daughter’s 18 years/ graduation ceremony that their presence and Financial support were made manifest in overall success of the entire function and prayed to God to replenish their pockets in million folds in Jesus mighty name Amen.
A minute of silence was observed in respect of late Pa Figah the father of Daniel Figah and it was performed by the Chairman Emeritus Mr Kingsley Ihedinobi who prayed to God to grant him eternal rest Amen.

Baby Boom: A report was given that Mr & Mrs Lippens were blessed with a baby boy named Mateu and Pastor Chidi Ezeagu prayed for the child and a baby boom of 250 euros was given to the Lippens from the days monthly dues, the sum of 20 euros will be paid by each member ( baby boom levy). The money will be refunded to the meeting’s account.

The total sum of 670 euros was realised in the days meeting and it was as follows
New member 100 euros
Monthly dues 370 euros
Bbq 200 euros
Expenses: Host wife 50 euros.
Baby boom 250
Balance 370 euros.

We ruled to go and pay Daniel Figah a condolence visit and those to attend are Ike Owoh, Sekani Mbewe and Godfrey Oghuma.
In the absence of further topic for discussions the motion of adjournment of the days meeting was moved by Mr Anthony Obi and supported by Mr Godrich Alethor and closing prayers was said by Pastor Ezeagu at 19:45 pm. Refreshments were served.
Vote of thanks was done by the Vice Chairman Mr Ike Owoh who said we are happy to be in our brother’s house and that we are one family. He further said that we have joy in our hearts because a new member joined us today and thanked Mrs Lippens for her hospitality and gave two envelopes to her , one for her hosting and one for Baby Boom specially meant for Mateus.
While responding with full of smiles, she thanked and appreciated us for coming and also for the gifts.

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